Chinese handmade paper cut out floated on grey silk mat with black lacquer frame.

Mirror in a Cornflower Blue Solid Acrylic Prisma frame.

To protect this fragile painting on board, it is floated behind museum glass in a closed corner cream maple frame.

Simple grey double mat and clean, grey, stained maple frame on a large limited addition print.

Beautiful Ketubah, Marriage Certificate with a double silk wrapped mat and water gilded silver frame.

Lenticular print in a black lacquer fillet and frame, with no glass, shows off the texture of the material.

Vanity plate framed to emulate the decorative license plate fixture that could be on a car or truck.

Limited edition signed Mac Icon print including mat cut with 8 bit corners to match the icon.

Vintage map of Bermuda with an ornate gold frame that is a perfect highlight of texture, with class.

Juxtapose Magazine favorite, Mark Ryden's creature lives in a land of dark silk mats with an erie silver leaf scoop frame.

Black paper cut outs contrasting in the brightest white stained maple frame and white mat with hand painted blue bevel accent.

All reclaimed materials, silkscreens on recycled book pages framed in black natural barn wood, nail holes and all.

Just a touch of color inside the walls of a shadow box made for this poppy flower watercolor.

All of the 2 letters words in the game of scrabble, with an original mat design that puts the game into play.

Expert photographer Jess Dugan, in a frame as curly as this little sheep.

Wild Spots, bubble wrap painting with a frame that you might try to pop!

This frame is called dental, skulls and bones poster comes to life, or death.

A 4"x4" painting, by Amanda Accardi, becomes a larger piece with a chunky antique silver frame, classic with a twist

This steel frame was commissioned and hand welded by Emily Teague and placed on this flying Bee by artist Matt Lively.

We confidently handle this Takashi Murakami print, shipped from Japan and framed in a strong white 2" square solid maple stain frame.

Separate tiles assemble on a silk mat in a deep shadowbox frame to create an altar setting for this worthy figure.

Warm wedding feelings in a bright silk mat with shining gold fillet and contrasting soft black frame.

This bold Diego Rivera-esq painting in a fun frame to suit the characters.

This double sided Peruvian Miniature is crafted to show an important detail to this piece, the writing in which the artist describes the scene.


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