Our Featured Artists:.

Helen Eddy - Photographer - Boston, MA
"Helen Eddy hand made cards"

This popular Boston photographer is famous for her glitter cards and images of familiar city landmarks.

Bill Chapman - Photographer
"Photographs by Bill Chapman"

We are proud to be representing Bill Chapman and his collection of Baseball photography documenting some of the oldest ball parks in the country and the players who make the game! Thanks also to Bill for the fine shots he took here at Around the Corner, which can be seen on our facebook page.

Andrea Newland - Painter
"Paintings by Andrea Newland"

April Clay - Mixed Media Artist
"Mixed Media by April Clay"

Robyn Katz-Adelman - Artist

Robyn Katz-Adelman, a resident of Melrose for the past five years, is an art therapist, working for partial hospitalization and individual work at the North Shore Medical Center, using art to help adults suffering from depression, anxiety, and more.

Caleb Colon - Fine Artist

From Caleb's Bio: "I was born in Maricao, Puerto Rico in 1981. My family left the island for Springfield, Mass in 1984 because of the increasing corruption in Puerto Rico. In Springfield I witnessed my family move from a low-income, predominately Hispanic area into a middle-class, predominately white area." Read More...

Susan Kneeland - Fine Artist

Susan Kneeland regularly paints en plein air throughout the Merrimack Valley area, studies portraiture and figure drawing, and travels abroad to paint as well.
Susan is also a proficient photographer, selling her images at several galleries and exhibits. Being a private instructor has enabled Susan to help many others to attain art as a career choice, and she has helped many students continue into art colleges. Read More...

Bethany E. Terrio - Photographer

Bethany Terrio, a native of Newton, Massachusetts relocated to Los Angeles in 1997 where she spent many years studying different mediums within the arts at UCLA.Read More...

Justin Pepin - Fine Carpentry

I've been cutting, sanding, and varnishing chunky bengal bracelets out of nice scraps from work. I've been able to sell some of them as well. ...In conclusion, life is good.Read More...

Paul Goodnight - Fine Artist

Paul Goodnight's vibrant and emotional work has often been a reflection of his life--from the demons he faced during the Vietnam War to the time he was incarcerated "I've learned that art is making me, rather then me creating it."Read More...

Lauren Keneally - Fine Art

Inspired from from the natural world, (except for those times that I'm inspired by the human-made world), I recreate its intensity that it communicates to me through ink and/or gouache drawings and paintings. Some pieces are spastic while others are controlled--Read More...

Kinzig Design - Custom Lamps

I am always trying to explore the relationship of color and texture in my work. I am intrigued with the use of different materials and ways in which to push the limits of what they can achieve. However, it is design that remains the most essential element necessary to tie it all together.Read More...

DMB Design

DMB Design has been building its outstanding reputation for over 20 years. We have had the opportunity to work with some wonderful clients on extensive projects throughout the United States. Our passion for design and art are further inspired with each new project we undertake.Read More...

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